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The Secret Gods Keep: Book 1

by Tessa Cole & Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
Mar 2023

My name is Ana Baker and I have a thing for bad boys… and bad boys have a thing for me.

But no more. I need to take control of my life and figure out who I am, so I’m finally putting a stop to it. No more bad boys.

And this time, I mean it!

But immediately after landing my dream job at a high-end club, I run into a sexy, drool-worthy bad boy who traps me in the elevator and tells me…

I’m a demon.

Not what I was expecting from Mr. Gorgeous… and it doesn’t matter because I’m. Off. Men.

Except when my new billionaire boss and a drop-dead gorgeous construction worker start showing an interest in me, my “no men” policy starts to waver.

Then I find out demons are real, the guys are all demons, and oh! Did I mention the mob wants a quarter-of-a-billion dollars from me? Yeah, there’s that, too.

But one thing’s for sure, I’m definitely not a demon…

Craving Demons is the first book in the Secrets Gods Keep series, a paranormal romance featuring a sassy heroine who doesn’t have a clue who she is and powerful men who know how to share.