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Nephilim’s Destiny: Book 2

by Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance
January 2018

Like it or not, she’s part of the team… come hell or fiery demon.

Barely a week after a searing wraith battle left me with amped-up supernatural abilities, I’m back to my cover as Essie Shaw, “normal” beat cop. My frostbite-inducing empathic gift and enhanced hearing, I can work with. My combat spell—weak at best—still comes in handy. But it’s the 24/7 glowy eye thing that’s toughest to hide.

When an encounter with a feral vampire nearly kills my partner (déjà vu, anyone?), the chief of police gives me a make-or-break assignment—join the JP team. Yeah, good luck bridging the aching gulf that’s divided us since that near-fatal fight with the wraith. There’s Gideon, who electrifies my soul; Jacob, who commands it; and Kol, who tempts it. Then there’s Marcus with his ferocious, pulse-pounding energy, who left without even a goodbye.

Amid lingering tensions, we investigate who’s creating an army of twisted, insatiable feral vampires. The truth will extract a terrible price from us all—body, magic, and soul.