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Sister Spirits: Book 2

by Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
June 2022

An empire of dragons and deception awaits…

Asha (now Roo), is facing her greatest challenge yet: a monstrous dragon, and the Dragon Lord who controls it, and there is little she or Dawn can do in the face of such power.

But this Dragon Lord isn’t what he appears. The youngest Prince of Thraan, he’s at war with his brothers and the rest of the Empire and can’t let Roo and Dawn continue with their quest.

With their original plans dashed, new undertakings force these friends apart.

Dawn is sent north to find the mythic barbarian tribes of the tundra. With her are the stalwart Swift and vigilant Pan who’ve shown her she’s worthy of love, and that perhaps she can let down the walls she built around her heart during her neglected childhood. But can she allow herself such luxuries in these turbulent times? And is she willing to risk letting someone in only to lose them?

Roo’s journey is even more perilous. She must go into the heart of the Empire: a cruel place of depravity and deception. She’s only just begun to believe that loving again is possible, thanks to the boundless affections of the ever-ready Falcon, the dedicated Ceph, and the mighty Rhino, but is she willing to risk her heart once more after having lost so much already? Especially with the trials awaiting her, which will test her body and soul. For, if she fails… death is a very real possibility.

Double Danger is the second book in the Sister Spirits series, a spin-off series from the Mist of Elista trilogy. It’s an action-packed epic fantasy romance with heroines who don’t have to choose from their irresistible heroes.