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Sister Spirits: Book 5

by Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
September 2022

They’ve won an impossible victory… but at what cost?

The dragon lord Aaghar is dead, his armies defeated, but the toll the battle took upon our heroes is devastating. Everyone is wounded and weary, and their little army of rebels is virtually wiped out.

But that isn’t the worst of it… the only way for Dawn to defeat Swan was to sacrifice her own life.

Through the unbreakable link which ties Roo and Dawn together, Roo knows instantly that Dawn is dead… and yet, she can still sense a small part of her spirit. In a desperate attempt to save some vestige of her close companion, Roo does the unimaginable and bonds Dawn’s soul to her own, bringing Dawn’s essence to reside within her body before it fades forever.

Now the twin spirits are merged closer than ever. But what does this mean for the men who’ve dedicated their lives to these two women? How will this change the complicated dynamic of their relationship? Before these questions can be answered, news arrives that the remaining nine dragon lords, furious at the loss of their brother, are heading for Elista to wipe it out completely.

Now Roo and Dawn must find some way to come to terms with their twin souls in one body while preparing for a battle which, one way or another, will be their last.

Double Destiny is the fifth and final book in the Sister Spirits series, a spin-off series from the Mist of Elista trilogy. It’s an action-packed epic fantasy romance with heroines who don’t have to choose from their irresistible heroes.