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Sister Spirits: Book 3

by Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
July 2022

Just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse…

Roo has come into the full power of her spirit gift of empathy. She can feel the emotions of others and has come to understand her own. Slowly, she’s accepting the tragic loss she’d suffered, allowing herself to love and be loved once more. But she now teeters on the edge of another tragedy. She and her men are trapped in the dungeons of the Imperial Palace of Thraan awaiting a fate worse than death at the hands of the vile Prince Demir. Unwilling to lose another man she cares for, Roo must find some way to use her mastery of emotion to deal with the darkness which awaits them all.

For Dawn, the dedication of her men has made her feel cherished and uplifted, but she still struggles to let down the sturdy walls around her heart. And now she fears it may be too late. She and Pan are moments from death, about to be consumed by the dire white wolves of the north. Even if they survive, the help they were hoping to find may not arrive in time to save Lyran, who lays on the brink of death. And the loss of even one of those she loves might just drive her to do something terrible, something from which she might never recover.

It would take a miracle to save them now.

Double Disaster is the third book in the Sister Spirits series, a spin-off series from the Mist of Elista trilogy. It’s an action-packed epic fantasy romance with heroines who don’t have to choose from their irresistible heroes.