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Sister Spirits: Book 1

by Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
May 2022

All it takes is a single step to change your fate…

Asha may be young, but she’s already faced many hardships in life. At twenty years old, she found true love… and lost it.

Uncertain if she will ever love again, she decides on a new purpose — one that doesn’t involve a man in her life — and dedicates herself to her kingdom by bonding with a Lumani spirit.

She has no idea where such a union might take her, but bonding and going to Silverveil Academy is better than staying in a place where all her hopes for her future were shattered.

At Silverveil, she meets Dawn, a vibrant, rash, and reckless woman who’s hiding her own heartache and searching for her purpose.

The daughter of royal parents who were busy ruling two nations, she doesn’t know yet what her calling will be but knows it’s not as a protected princess.

With guarded hearts, they dive into their studies and quickly make friends with a pair of confident, sexy twins, Tail and Agate, and the tender-hearted Boulder.

The men start cracking the walls around both of the women’s hearts, but it’s all just flirtatious fun. True love doesn’t happen twice and it doesn’t happen for a woman whose parents couldn’t even love her… could it?

Double Discovery is the first book in the Sister Spirits series, a spin-off series from the Mist of Elista trilogy. It’s an action-packed epic fantasy romance with heroines who don’t have to choose from their irresistible heroes.