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Angel’s Fate: Book 3

by Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance
January 2020

She’ll sacrifice anything to protect them… whatever the cost.

The Winter Queen had me and my guys where she wanted us, forcing me to make a terrible deal with the Winter Court itself, and even then, we barely escaped with our lives. Now we’re all being hunted. Especially Titus, whose rage tore the lid off the one secret that could spell his doom.

Among all of us, he’s the biggest prize — the only one with a connection to a magic so powerful that whoever controls it, controls the realm. His fight to stay free digs its talons into my soul, because I know the fear of imprisonment and have spent my life determined to never be trapped again. Except something I never thought I wanted is wrapping itself around my heart — ties between me and my guys that are starting to feel less like chains, and more like home.

But now the Winter Court’s frozen magic courses through my veins, an icy tether that could yank me back into its trap at any moment. And when the next disaster strikes, the ties between me and my guys may not be enough to save us all.

Fated Fear is the third book in the Angel’s Fate series, an action-packed full-length paranormal romance with powerful sexy men and a heroine who doesn’t have to choose.

** Angel’s Fate is a spinoff series from the Nephilim’s Destiny series. It’s not necessary to read the first series to enjoy this one.