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The Mist of Elista Trilogy: Book 3

by Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
March 2022

End a war and stop the cabal of Nobles who are destroying my country? Yeah… I can do that

War sucks. I’ve lost friends who were like family to me. So, I’ll end this war, if it’s the last thing I do. And with an entire nation hunting me… it just might be.

At least I still have my lovers, and the “Loving Legs” club might even be open to new members. These amazing paramours of mine, along with what remains of my misfit noble house are all that are keeping me sane. Because really, what chance do I have against mistweavers, madmen, and warmongers?

And when one plan after another goes awry, it seems like I’ll never succeed. It’s only with love and sacrifice I’m going to win this war. I just hope I won’t have to sacrifice what I love.

Form and Fury is the final book in the Mists of Elista Trilogy, an action-packed epic fantasy reverse harem romance with a driven heroine who doesn’t have to choose from her irresistible romantic interests. This trilogy has F/F content.