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Her Bad Boy Wolves: Book 3

by Tessa Cole & Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
May 2024

Living as a wolf is far more of a challenge than I’d thought.

It took a miracle, but I managed to survive my alpha challenge and drive out those who’d sought to take my pack.

But now my daughter is missing and I’m in no shape to go chasing after her. Except I have to, because that’s what mothers and alphas do. And that’s only the first of a mountain of hurdles I face as I try to integrate this pack into society and into my family.

Because returning to “everyday” life just isn’t possible. I have to find a new normal, and as I do, I begin to doubt the new relationship between me and my betas. Why would they ever want to be with an average, plain older woman like me? And if they really want to be with me, what we have needs to be more than just physical. They need to be fathers to my kids, but given they were raised by brutes, is that even possible?

I want this to work out, but as more and more of my life falls apart, I can’t see how it will. It may just take another miracle for me and my pack to obtain a normal life, let alone a great one.

Pack in Business is the third and final book in Her Bad Boy Wolves series, a paranormal romance featuring a determined single mom and three handsome bad boys who know how to share. This story may have some darker moments, including violence, profanity, explicit steamy scenes, and brief instances of sexual abuse of a secondary character.