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Her Bad Boy Wolves: Book 1

by Tessa Cole & Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
January 2024

Single mom to accidental alpha…

My name is Jane. Plain old Jane. I’m an average forty-four-year-old, single mother of two. I wouldn’t hurt a fly… usually, but today a biker gang is threatening my family. And when I accidentally kill their leader, they claim I’m their new Alpha, giving me just one week to prove myself or… I’m dead.

Oh, and did I mention they’re werewolves!

Now they’re all piling into my tiny bungalow and making my life a living hell. Well, not all of them. A few of them take pity on me and try to help me understand what I’ve gotten myself into. Three super-hot bad boy bikers are teaching me the ropes of being an Alpha, and I can’t say I mind the attention. There’s Colt, young, blond, and built like a mountain of muscle. Bronn is beautiful with black skin, dark eyes, and a broken soul. Tyson, the leader of the three, is six and a half feet of brooding strength, with dark curly hair, blue eyes, and an inexplicable attraction to me.

But still, I have one week to take control of this unruly bunch of supernatural miscreants and prove I can lead them. Otherwise, one of them is going to kill me.

Pack to the Wall is the first book in Her Bad Boy Wolves series, a paranormal romance featuring a determined single mom and three handsome bad boys who know how to share. This story may have some darker moments, including violence, profanity, explicit steamy scenes, and brief instances of sexual abuse of a secondary character.