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The Guardians of Light: Book 2

by R. Michael Card

Epic Fantasy
September 2017

He’d have to be crazy to follow her.

Wyllea is certain she’s going mad, or at least as certain as an insane person might be. The voice in her head is not her own and it’s been getting stronger as she grows weaker, trapped without provisions behind enemy lines. She needs help… soon, before she loses herself entirely. But the only man she can trust is a thief and rogue.

Tirol just wants to be free and left alone, but he’s been living in a land occupied by The Blacklord’s army, dodging their “recruiters” for months in the wasted lands of the east. Then the mysterious Wyllea walks into his life asking for his help and he finds he can’t refuse her. As much as he wants to avoid any sort of entanglement and simply walk away, he helps her, as crazy as she and her quest might be.