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The Guardians of Light: Book 3

by R. Michael Card

Epic Fantasy
October 2017

She’ll fight for his very soul.

Davar is the son of The Blacklord, a man of pure evil. He’s never questioned the wishes of his father, never even thought to go against the most powerful man in the world. He thought he was irredeemable… until he met Cass. There is something about the pure-hearted woman, and the way she sees the world and him, which eats away at him. He doesn’t want to change… or does he?

Cassine has lived a simple life, if a hidden one. She wishes only to help others, to cure the sick and wounded. As a healer for the armies that oppose The Blacklord, she’s had plenty of opportunity to do so. This duty has always come first in her life and she’s never had the time or desire to be with a man. But when she finds herself stranded with Davar—the enemy—she sees an opportunity to do the impossible and help him see the light within him… and to love a man who’s known only hate.