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Blood of Dragons: Book 3

by R. Michael Card

Epic Fantasy
May 2020

Their greatest test lies ahead.

Scarred, disheartened, and fundamentally changed from the events in the Northlands, Jais and Caerwyn make their way south. They are joined by Volf, a new companion from the north, but are leaving Barami behind.

Caerwyn feels lost, untethered, cold. She can’t reconcile who she is now with who she had been. Yet she struggles onward, not knowing what she’s looking for, but hoping she can find some sense of direction and purpose.

Jais works daily to master his abilities, but still feels so far from knowing the full extent of what he can do. He knows he is capable of more, but feels held back by not knowing who he truly is. At the same time, he worries for Caerwyn. A part of him wants desperately to help her, but he has no clue what can shake her out of the darkness of her own soul.

Yet, when they meet an odd group of refugee Drahksani in the south, everything starts to change. Their own worries will have to wait as they are pulled into a desperate struggle against a foe more powerful than any they’ve fought before, who is aided by a mysterious and divine force.

It will take all their strength and abilities to face this new threat. Yet even then, that may not be enough. It might just take a miracle to save them this time.