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Blood of Dragons: Book 1

by R. Michael Card

Epic Fantasy
March 2018

They possess the blood of dragons, but can they stop this ancient threat?

Jais, an orphan raised by his aunt and uncle on the fringes of society, is torn between a normal life and dreams of adventure. His heart is set on courting Alnia, the beautiful miller’s daughter, and with increased attacks from krolls, brutal misshapen beasts, he sees a chance to prove himself. His aunt warns him not to pursue the girl, nor seek the krolls, but someone must protect their village, and this is his chance to win Alnia’s heart.

Outcast from everything she knows, Caerwyn seeks to find other dragon-blooded like her. But, even as she finds Jais, she learns of the kroll threat and feels compelled to help. Now, she has to teach Jais what he is, while fighting for her life. Yet the more she finds out about these krolls, the more she feels that something is deeply wrong.

Something far more sinister is at work, but can they uncover the real threat before they, and the village, are torn apart?