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Her Bad Boy Wolves: Book 2

by Tessa Cole & Clara Wils

Paranormal Romance
March 2024

Yesterday I was a suburban working mother, today I’m an alpha wolf with a pack to tame.

I may be plain-old Jane Myers, but I’m no longer your average forty-something mother of two. Now, I’m a wolf shifter, though my first shift definitely didn’t go as planned. A few in my new pack don’t like me being the alpha and tried to skirt around my one-week proving period by attacking me as a wolf during my first run.

Thankfully, my huge and hunky betas saved me.

But I’m seriously hurt and the only way to heal me quickly is to make me go into heat. So now my betas are serving me in an entirely different capacity. The young bear shifter Colt is a mountain of muscle I can’t wait to climb. Bronn, my beautiful, black-skinned lion shifter, is tender and kind, even when he’s thrilling me beyond measure. And last, but definitely not least is Tyson, the tall, dark, and dangerous wolf who is fated for me. When we come together it’s primal and searingly hot. I hadn’t known about knots before, but I do now!

And I still need to deal with those bad seeds who are trying to claim the pack, but that means I have less than a week to learn how to fight as a wolf, or I’m dead meat.

Want You Pack is the second book in Her Bad Boy Wolves series, a paranormal romance featuring a determined single mom and three handsome bad boys who know how to share. This story may have some darker moments, including violence, profanity, explicit steamy scenes, and brief instances of sexual abuse of a secondary character.