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Ensnared by the Pack: Book 5

by Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance
Feb 2023

It was the best night of my life… until it wasn’t…

Bishop said the words I’d waited my entire life to hear, words I’d given up on hearing: I love you.

And then we were viciously attacked.

Or rather, I was attacked and Bishop protected me. Now he’s clinging to life and the only way to save him is to race to the healing pool. I can only pray that we get there in time and that I can hold back my fears and stay strong to keep Knox from going feral.

Which explains why I’m an emotional mess and feel a connection with Cyrus. He doesn’t like me and I don’t trust him. That voice deep in my soul whispering that he’s mine is wrong.

I’ve been told my entire life that I’m weak but now I have no choice. I have to be stronger than I’ve ever been in my life for Bishop and Knox.

If I fail… I have no chance for a happily ever after.

Wolf Decided is the fifth book in the Ensnared by the Pack series, an action-packed paranormal romance featuring possessive wolf shifters and a wounded heroine discovering her strength who doesn’t have to choose.