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Ensnared by the Pack: Book 2

by Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance
April 2022

I must break this unbreakable bond… no matter the cost.

The last thing I want is surly Knox taking our accidental mate-bond out on me. It’s not like I asked to be bonded to the one man who wants nothing to do with me. But he won’t even talk to me and the aching emptiness of his rejection is eating away at my soul.

Why couldn’t I have bonded to his brother, Bishop? He’s kind and sweet and there’s something between us. I can feel it every time our eyes meet.

But I can’t do more than look. Sleeping with my bond-mate’s brother can only end badly. For us all. Especially not now when we’ve found the one slim chance to break this cursed bond. A slim chance I’m willing to stake our lives on. Even if it means traveling through a treacherous wasteland, fighting off dangerous monsters, and casting a spell that could kill us.

I can’t fight this mate-bond forever and soon I’ll give in to the torturous desire. The spell is my only hope…

Because there are some things worse than death.

Wolf Denied is the second book in the Ensnared by the Pack series, an action-packed paranormal romance featuring possessive wolf shifters and a wounded heroine discovering her strength who doesn’t have to choose.