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Ensnared by the Pack: Book 4

by Tessa Cole

Paranormal Romance
Oct 2022

I’ve finally gotten a chance at happiness… but if it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

I’m the kind of girl who knows the other shoe is always going to drop. So now that something is going my way, that shoe should show up any minute now.

Knox and I have reached a tentative truce and things with Bishop have never been better. But no one in the pack trusts me and they sure don’t trust me with their precious pack leaders. Especially the pack’s favorite bachelor Bishop.

What’s worse is Cyrus acting like my old alpha and me reacting like the old me. Fearful, afraid, feeling that gnawing instinct that tells me to run. And because it’s Cyrus, his betrayal cuts deep. Deeper than I want to show.

Other than Bishop, I don’t know who to trust, and if I can’t find my way into the pack, to find a place here, then my future is set. And it’s nothing good. I can’t leave because I’m bound to Knox. I can’t stay because I’m as welcome as mange.

Basically, I’m between a rock and a hard pack, and I’m afraid someone won’t wait for Cyrus’s permission and will send me packing… permanently.

Wolf Distressed is the fourth book in the Ensnared by the Pack series, an action-packed paranormal romance featuring possessive wolf shifters and a wounded heroine discovering her strength who doesn’t have to choose.